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Supermodels Share Their 2022 Skin-Care Secrets

Looking for a skin care overhaul? You're not alone. In fact, after months of cold weather, cranked up central heating and a serious lack of vitamin D , it's no wonder your skin is feeling dry and lackluster. And that's before we get onto the subject of maskne . Thankfully there is help out there, and we know a few supermodels who are willing to share their best-kept skin care secrets to inspire your new 2022 routine.

Sara .S

When it comes to skin, I think drinking water and sleeping has a lot to do with it. Then I’ll change my moisturizer depending on the weather. If the weather is dry, I'll use a very rich moisturizer. And if it's more humid, something lighter. I don't really exfoliate my skin, but I make sure to remove makeup every night.


Candice .S

I like to follow a consistent routine, drink loads of water, exfoliate regularly, get a good amount of sleep, and adjust my products depending on the weather.



Consistency is key! I never go to bed without washing off my makeup and I’m very consistent with my morning and evening skin-care routines. Two of my favorite products I just cannot live without are my brightening & exfoliating mask and moisturizer. I use the mask as an exfoliating scrub in the shower; the peppermint aromatherapy is so invigorating and my skin is immediately brighter and super smooth. The Moisturizer is refillable (which I love), and is a super hydrating, brightening and anti-ageing moisturizer all-in-one that I use morning and night and it gives my skin a major glow.

Sometimes when I feel a bit puffy, I also love to do a gua sha facial massage in the morning. It helps stimulate circulation, reduce puffiness and naturally lift and sculpt my face. I keep that rose quartz gua sha tool on me to use throughout the day, to really help relieve tension—it’s amazing, if you can give just five minutes to yourself, it can just help you to reset.

If there’s one thing people can do for their health inside and out, it's ce;ery juice.I start every morning by having my celery juice on an empty stomach. I have 32 ounces but started on 16 ounces and worked my way up. I worked my way up as it’s been a couple of years now. I really, really believe that the celery juice has helped so much with my digestion, as it’s such a good anti-inflammatory. It supports kidney function, it’s alkalising and full of electrolytes.


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